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Hi, my name is Sharon from Sydney. Like many other women, my weight has gone up and down over the years and I’ve tried lots of different weight loss programs with varying success. I am very interested in nutrition and exercise but even that didn’t prevent me from reaching my highest ever weight of 103.7kg in July, 2019. Managing to lose nearly 5kg by myself by eating healthy foods and exercising, my Lady Shake journey started on 3 March 2020 when my husband decided to start on his own Man Shake journey after reaching his heaviest weight. He saw an ad on Facebook and decided to give it a go. With both of us being 52, we needed to get our eating under control and try to be the healthiest we could be. Both of us have had parents who have suffered and died from heart problems and/or cancer so we needed to prioritise our health. I believe that this has played a huge part in our success so far as we have supported each other with food choices and exercise.

Being quite tall at 5 ft 10in, I can carry a fair amount of weight but I was so sick and tired of feeling uncomfortable, not fitting into most of my clothes and just feeling embarrassed about my appearance. I wanted to be fit and fab in my fifties!

My starting weight was 98.8kg and, thankfully, I have enjoyed success from the very first week losing 3.5kg. So far I have lost 13.7kg in 16 weeks by having Lady Shakes for breakfast and lunch, healthy snacks including the Lady Bar and a healthy dinner. I would like to lose another 8-10kg and tone up by getting back into strength training which is something I’ve done for the past 14 years. My husband, Keith, has lost an amazing 30kg in this time as well by using the Man Shake. The change in our mindset has been great; we plan our meals and walk 4km every night without fail and walk on Saturday and Sunday mornings as well.  We have our cheat meal once a week and I also enjoy a couple of red wines on the weekend. Recently, we started using the Chocolate Super Greens and are loving them so far! What a great way to enjoy a hot chocolate during chilly evenings.

Going through menopause isn’t fun but losing weight with the help of The Lady Shake has been fantastic. I feel more confident and I can fit into my clothes now though lots of them are now too big! And have been filling up garbage bags ready to donate to charity. I’m going to have lots of fun buying a new wardrobe and being able to choose clothes that I love rather than having to buy ones that fit.

A couple of my friends have started on their own Lady Shake journeys after seeing my results and they are also enjoying success as well. This has been the best decision I have made in regards to my health and happiness, and I’m so grateful to the Lady Shake for providing me with the opportunity to lose my excess weight in a healthy, manageable and convenient way. I would definitely recommend the Lady Shake to anyone who wants to lose weight and live their best life!