Hi, My Name is Shaylee, I am 21 years old, I’m from Newcastle.

Since starting the Lady Shakes I have lost 30 kilos in just over 3 months.

I wasn’t happy with my weight so I decided to start The Lady Shake program. What did I have to lose? Just the weight! I looked into the lady shake, saw all the before and afters on the website – I saw how many other women were losing weight and were achieving results and they looked amazing!!  So I gave it my best shot!

I had previously tried so many other meal replacement but I didn’t see any change. So I was skeptical at first. Thinking will this even work? Or be like all the other shake? I was lucky even to be proven wrong.. and the weight started coming off!

The biggest difference from the old me to the new me.. besides losing all the weight is that I feel ALOT happier! I’m feeling more confident in myself and overall I feel so much healthier.

I would recommend the Lady Shake to anyone who would want to lose a few kgs, lose a lot of kilos or anyone who just wants to be healthier! The Lady Shake has really helped me and it truly does work!

There are a variety of yummy ‘shake’ flavours to choose from, and you can even mix them together to create even yummier flavours! Plus the recipes and meals on the website are delicious!

With the Lady Shake, It feels like I’m not missing out on any yummy food while on this programme.