I’m currently 29 years old from Gold Coast & and now in April 2020, I have lost 16kgs since November 2019.

Shona - Lee before and after

I was living my life as a wife & mother who had completely lost herself. I was struggling with post natal depression, a newborn & toddler plus breastfeeding. I would look back at photos of myself in my earlier twenties and couldn’t believe I’d let myself go so much.

My sister had been using the lady shakes and had lost 21kgs and I thought ”˜if she can do it, why can’t I? Plus they have afterpay.’ So I ordered right there on the spot.

I have always struggled with binge eating as well as a sweet tooth & would eat my feelings. I found the lady shakes satisfied my sweet tooth plus filled me up.

I started walking my suburb every day which has now become apart of our routine.


If I could say anything to someone who were in the same position, I’d say the above and show them my photos! They aren’t edited and I’m a real everyday mum who managed it!!

Today I got back into my wedding dress from 5 years ago! I’ve since had 2 babies  I never imagined I’d fit into it again. It’s a size 10 & when I started lady shakes I was reaching an 18. I just can not believe how easy it has been, absolutely mind-blowing!

Thank you all at The Lady shakes so much!