Sophie Falkiner tries to stay fit and healthy.Source:News Corp Australia

As a fixture on our television screens for more than 20 years, Sophie Falkiner has had to learn plenty about balancing her personal life with a busy work schedule. But even she says finding the time to focus on health and fitness in today’s hectic world is a challenge.

The secret, she says, is to make exercise a family activity, with the busy working mum often bringing her kids along to her workouts.

“I just love training with my partner and the kids, or with my girlfriends. It makes exercise so much fun,” she says. “And more importantly, you can’t back out!

“That’s a tip for everyone: definitely buddy-up when exercising. Go with your family or friends, and then you can’t let them down. It’s the best way to exercise and have fun at the same time.”

With an increasingly busy career, two school-aged children and more demands on her time than ever before, Sophie says she has been forced to adopt a military-style approach to organising her day to ensure she can squeeze in some time for health and fitness.

But with a young and active family to care for and a genuine love of exercising, she says finding the motivation has never been her problem.

“Just finding the time is the hardest thing; I have learned to be highly, highly organised,” she says. “But it’s so important. I want to be fit and healthy for my 13-year-old daughter and my 10-year-old son, but also just for myself and my own sanity.

“I’m a busy working mum, and so exercise is so good for me because of the endorphins, and a healthy diet just makes me feel good. But I’m also very lucky because I actually love all kinds of exercise.

“I love pilates, boxing, cardio sessions. I’ll do anything and everything. And I think you have to mix it up or else you’ll get bored.”

Sophie Falkiner's busy schedule doesn't get in the way of her exercise.

Sophie Falkiner’s busy schedule doesn’t get in the way of her exercise.Source:Supplied

Sophie is known for refreshing honesty when it comes to her body image; from her love of girdles to getting around the house in her trusty tracky-daks. So it’s little surprise she takes the same approach when talking about her diet.

“I love healthy food. Especially ones that I can have on the run when I get that sweet craving. My favourite is almonds, they’re my go-to snack. In fact I love them so much that I have become an ambassador for Australian Almonds,” she says.

“They’re packed full of fibre, protein healthy fats, magnesium, and they really curb those hunger pangs.

“But that’s not to say I can’t cheat. Give me hot chips with extra salt, lots of sauce and a nice glass of French champagne, and I’m very happy!”


As an ambassador for Luxury Escapes, Sophie spends plenty of time in the air. So we asked her top tips for arriving at a new destination feeling as good as possible.

1. Find the time

The first step is to look at the timezone you’re travelling to before you leave and try to get as in-synch as possible with the sleep and meal patterns in your destination.

2. Fly gluten free

I always order a gluten-free meal for the plane. They’re usually low in salt and fat, there are no heavy sauces, and you’ll just feel better. And try to drink as much water as you can, too.

3. Jettison the jet lag

There are no excuses for not exercising when you get to your hotel. Even if there is no gym, there are lots of apps you can download that will give you a five-minute workout you can do in your room, and I promise you’ll feel so much better.

Sophie Falkiner has partnered with Australian Almonds as part of their Helping Handfuls campaign, for more information please go to

The question:

Hi Adam, I tend to eat out a lot for work, usually with clients or with my colleagues. As a result, I find it incredibly difficult to control my meal plans. What can I do about it?

The answer:

We all feel a little embarrassed when we go to restaurants and make special requests – nobody wants to come across as fussy. But remember, you never have to eat exactly what’s on the menu. When I’m out with family or friends I’ll ask the chef to prepare me something clean and healthy, like chicken breast and a salad, even if it’s not on listed on the menu. The restaurant never minds, and I leave feeling much less guilty after a healthier meal.


Written by Adam MacDougall for First appeared on the Sunday Telegraph.