I’m 29, from South West Victoria and I have lost 37kgs

I have always been a bigger girl however I feel that when I got pregnant that’s when things really changed and I put on weight. The weight continued to be put on after my daughter was born. I feel I got to this point as my ‘normal life’ had changed and I was a new mum with different challenges.

I decided to take the first step as due to covid our wedding had to be cancelled and I thought to myself that I had a fresh start to have wedding photos where I actually feel good about myself. When selecting my wedding dress it was limited choices as I had to pick something that was in-store and that would fit me. I also really wanted to be a good example for my daughter so hopefully, she won’t have the same challenges with weight, that I have had most of my life.

I found out about The Lady Shake from googling different options as before trying this I was attending a mum and bubs boot camp and watching my eating and I wasn’t losing a single kilo. I originally was looking into weight loss medication etc. I researched shakes and felt that the lady shake was the one that I would try first (I’m so glad I did).

I feel my lifestyle didn’t have to change too much, I was still attending my boot camp 3 days a week and walking on different days during the week. I have allowed myself to have a cheat night once a week this is when myself and my partner have whatever we like for dinner or we go out to eat somewhere, it’s our date night. My favourite flavour is banana!

I feel the first week of the shakes was the hardest overcoming the mental side of things but what made it easier was the goal of my future wedding date, setting a good example for my daughter and been in the best position to fall pregnant again. At the weight I was, there was no way that I could carry another baby.

I feel the biggest difference for me is to be able to fit back into my clothes and needing to purchase new clothes as 80% of what I own is now way too big for me. It feels good to be able to look in the mirror and not be completely disgusted in what I see looking back at me.

I would say give it a go! Honestly, if I can do it so can you! Don’t completely cut yourself off from the foods you enjoy.
Be kind to yourself we are all on our own journey and have different goals its really just one step in front of the other.
If you have a bad day don’t let one day ruin the next, get back on the horse and look forward to what you really want.