I’m Sue from the Central Coast NSW. I am 51 years old and I have lost 16 kilos in five weeks using The Lady Shake.
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I suffered a broken back at 23, it was fused with bone, screws plates and needed more surgery on my back at 47 due to fusion moving and pressing on my spinal cord.
I had a rough time at 40, being diagnosed with Graves’ disease and thyroid cancer. I had it removed and parathyroids and finally thought I can get on with my life but six months later I was blessed with another autoimmune disease; psoriatic arthritis in over 42 of my joints.  So the meds I take which are a lot including prednisone was my downhill spiral with my weight gain.
I gained 45 kilos over 10 years which was not good for my joints or my health!
I became depressed and my main source of food was Dare coffee milk 3 litres a day, lollies, chips and more! Then it finally hit me, I was so tired, no energy, I could hardly breathe. It was time for a massive change in my life!
I googled best ways to lose weight slowly and I decided to try The Lady Shake, it is important for my diet to have all nutrients I need as I’m immune suppressed, so I was so pleased with what I read I decided to give it a go.
I had tried other diets in the past to no avail, I needed something that I could do so I feel I’m not on a diet if that makes sense.
My lifestyle has changed dramatically since the shakes!!! I can breathe, I can walk faster.
I have way more energy, which I need as I have five beautiful granddaughters to stay healthy for!  My goal is a long way off long term plan for me, the lady shake is my new companion in life.
My biggest roadblock was fear! Fear of the unknown fear of it not working due to meds I take and getting my mind in gear for the long term.
I have not looked back in five weeks and can’t wait to see what the next couple of months do!!
I’m here like I said for the long term! And thank you Lady Shakes for saving my life!
I would tell anyone and everyone you are never too young or old to make a lifestyle change, whether it be a long journey or short, whether you can do a lot of exercise or little,  don’t be afraid to take the journey with The Lady Shake. It tastes amazing all flavours! It has become my lifestyle now, my best friend, So don’t be afraid to take the next step to a healthier life with The Lady Shake.