I am 37 from QLD and I have lost 50 kgs (Started 23/09/2020 – 12/01/22)

I didn’t really look after myself or care about what other people thought of me or how I looked, I was happy with life and that stuff didn’t matter to me at the time.  I gradually put on weight throughout high school and then drank a lot of alcohol. 2012 was the worst year of my life with losing 3 people close to me within 12 months,  my family friend who was like a father to me who was tragically killed in a work accident followed by my brother who was 29 who suddenly passed away and lastly followed by my good friend who committed suicide. This all took its toll on me and the way I dealt with it was to party and drink alcohol which led me into a 5-year relationship with someone who was an alcoholic, which at the time is where I wanted to be and I was happy. When I was sad I would binge eat anything I could get my hands on and eating those things would make me happy. In 2016 I met a person who I admired and they taught me that I could do anything I put my mind to. I really wanted to become a concert photographer, so I went and purchased a professional camera and started my journey in the music photography world. This then led me into the moment that started to change my life from alcohol to other things that would make me happy that didn’t involve alcohol.

The biggest roadblock on my weight loss journey was not admitting that I was overweight when I knew I was.  I found myself staring at someone close to me one night and was so worried for their health that I decided there at that moment I didn’t want to follow that path for my life. It’s like a switch flicked inside my head and I was 100% focused from that moment on.

I had seen advertisements for the Lady Shake and I also had a work colleague who was doing the Man Shakes and had such great results to which I went and did my own research and decided to give it a go.

Since losing weight, my lifestyle has changed in a huge way! I can now go into any clothes shop and buy any clothes straight off the rack. I haven’t been able to do that since I was 16. Not only that, but I can now easily buy and fit into all the alternative clothing I’ve always dreamt of wearing. I have also found myself waking up early every morning before work to go for a one hour walk which then led me into finding a love of bicycle riding which then led me into finding my love of roller skating! My lifestyle now doesn’t revolve around drinking alcohol, I found myself wanting to be outdoors and doing activities outdoors way more. I’m currently on holiday at the moment in the Whitsundays and it is the first time I wore a bathing suit on the beach and didn’t feel the need to cover up with a big baggy shirt! That alone was a good feeling!

I feel fantastic! I have so much energy now. My hair and skin also feel so much healthier.

I personally chose to keep my journey a secret as I never ever thought I could lose 5kg let alone 50kg! To this date (until this gets printed publicly) there are only a handful of people that know that I am actually doing the Lady Shake. I’m a very private person and I chose to keep it to myself as I didn’t want all the judgment from people stopping me in my way or the snarky comments if I failed. But I am here today to say I succeeded!

I am choosing to put this publicly to hopefully inspire someone else and help someone else who may think they can’t do it. The simple answer is, if you want something so bad, you commit yourself 100% to it and you will get results! The Lady Shake completely changes how you think about food. It teaches you how to eat better foods and make better choices. You don’t have to cut everything out of your diet to succeed. Realistically no one is ever going to cut chocolates etc out of their diet, it’s all about control and portion. I find myself looking forward to my shakes, it’s so convenient for a busy person like myself. I personally don’t really have a goal weight in mind, I have celebrated each and every 5kg loss along the way. I believe I will know when I want to stop and then I will continue to use the lady shake ways to maintain my weight. I personally have two shakes, 2 snacks & one healthy balanced meal a day. I have been doing this for just over one year now.
So, if you are out there and even slightly thinking about doing this program, I am a real person and highly recommend it! And don’t ever think you can not succeed because the simple answer is, you can!