Hi, I’m Tamara, I’m 30 and live on the Gold Coast I’ve been on the Lady shakes for 8 months now and have lost 25kg so far.

I’ve always struggled with my weight being so up and down and after having my two girls was when I really put the majority of my weight on as most mum’s could relate I always put myself last and self-care always took a back seat.
What really was a turning point for me was when I saw a picture of myself sitting on the ground playing with my daughter, I was shocked at how big I had actually gotten. It was at that moment I knew I had to change my lifestyle not only for me but for my girls.
I had heard about the lady shakes through a friend that had positive results with them, and done a bit of research and found there were so many people who also had great results and thought why not give it a go as I had tried other methods throughout the years but nothing seemed to help budge that weight especially after having my girls.
Being a mum I always used to go for something that was quick and easy to eat which was never the healthy option, sometimes even starving myself all day then indulging in a big dinner, followed by dessert every night. Having a real sweet tooth the portion sizes were always big.
Which is what I found I struggled with the most is trying to get the right portion size for me and defeating those naughty habits of nighttime snacking.
Having the support from the Lady shake page’s really helped overcome that as I didn’t feel like I was doing this alone and there are so many great tips and ideas for alternative healthy snacks and meal options and it really feels like your not missing out on anything.
Ever since having the Lady Shakes I’ve been more full of energy, happier and sleep a lot better ( well as good as a mum of two can) haha. I’m much more confident and like getting out and about now as before I never wanted to really leave the house and socialise because of my weight.
Anyone that is thinking about starting these and is unsure, definitely give it a go. Set small achievable goals for yourself, and take each day as it comes, It’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle change so there will always be hurdles and you may stumble along the way but what’s important is that you get back up and keep going. I know it’s so cliche to say this but it’s the truth if I can do this anyone can and Thankyou to The Lady Shake for helping me achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.