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I had always been a bigger girl, and had tried things like boring chicken and veggies for every meal or other shakes that tasted yuck and did not help me feel full, giving me a massive sugar high and a huge crash afterwards. I had even tried the one meal a day diet, causing me to binge eat every night as I was depriving my body of the nutrients it needed throughout the day.

I remember looking at a photo of my favourite moment, feeding an elephant in Singapore, and feeling disgusted as I realised what I had done to my body. After seeing how much weight I had put on during my late teens I spoke to my mum who told me of a friend from work who lost a lot of weight using The Man Shake, so I decided to invest in my health and bought The Lady Shake.

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22-year-old Tamara from Melbourne lost 30kg.

As a childcare worker, I am always on my feet which has now become so much easier without carrying around the extra weight. Having lost the weight, I can do tasks normal people in their 20’s can do, like go for hikes or fun things like rock climbing, rather than get puffed out within minutes or deciding not to participate due to insecurity and self-doubt. I have also changed the way I look at food, now realising it is fuel for my body and what I put into my system is important, rather than always processed packaged foods.  It’s a whole new life honestly.

The Lady Shakes are sooooo yummy and filling, they give your body all the nutrients it needs to be HEALTHY and doesn’t have things like sugar to give you a quick buzz before feeling flat again. They give you energy and allow your body to do everything it needs to in the day with the added bonus of losing weight. I am now maintaining my weight whilst focusing on building muscle and toning up! They have been my lifesavers and I encourage anyone, male or female, to give these amazing shakes a try, you will not be disappointed!!