I am 26 years old, I live in Newcastle and I have lost 23kgs using the lady shake.

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I started to notice I was struggling doing daily chores and I was not happy with my appearance I felt so uncomfortable. I could not find any nice clothes in my size. I went to heaps of different doctors and asked for some kind of help, they referred me to dieticians and nothing was helping.
I kept hearing people talk about the lady/man shake and hearing really good results from it, I thought, if they can do it it’s worth a try.
I had tried lots of different shake diets but I wasn’t seeing any results and I couldn’t stomach some of them.
My biggest roadblock was my ex partner who liked to eat out all the time and I was addicted to energy and soft drinks, I now have a healthier diet and have deleted bad choices out of diet.
Since losing 23kgs I am learning to love myself again, I find it easy to get out and do all the things I love with ease. I will tell you it hasn’t been easy and there have been so many times I have wanted to give up but it’s a part of my routine and I love the lady shake and how easy it fits in with my busy life.
I have recently included exercise and walking into my routine to help with the weight loss.
If I was to say to someone starting out I would say, definitely give it a try believe in yourself and keep going until you achieve your goal weight and you will feel much better in yourself  for doing so.