I’m 30 years old I come from Bathurst New South Wales. I’ve currently lost 58 kilos since using the lady shake.

I’ve tried many different weight loss shakes drinks and supplements, none of them worked. I’ve always struggled with my weight. Growing up as a kid being overweight was a nightmare! At times I would struggle with my breathing and just have no energy. The turning point for me was when I reached 120 kilos after having my two children. As my children grew I reach the point where I wanted to be active with them, be able to play and kick the ball with them and just have fun! That was my turning point, the point I knew I needed to make a change.

One day I was shopping and I walked past the lady shake. I stopped and looked and I thought why not give it a try it and was the best decision I had ever made! Since I’ve been on the lady shake I have so much energy and can get out and play with my kids, have fun and enjoy watching them grow up. Since losing my weight I have so much more confidence and so much more energy my lifestyle has changed so much I enjoy it and live every day to the full extent.  I replaced breakfast and lunch with the lady shake and have a lady shake bar for afternoon tea and a small dinner. Choc Mint is my favourite flavour! It was so easy!

My advice for anyone out there thinking about starting; first up I would recommend the lady shake and tell them nothing is impossible all you have to do is try hard for what you want! The biggest roadblock in my journey was getting used to working out, I got through it by pushing myself I’m telling myself it’s all going to be worth it in the end and it absolutely was!