Hi, I’m Taylor. My starting weight was 108.8 Kg and I’m now 69 Kg. I live in Canberra and am still astounded by the results the Lady Shake has been able to assist with me losing.

I had been in a really hard headspace for a little while due to work culture and career, I basically let myself go because I felt that food comforted me throughout my day. I have always been on the larger side and I will not deny that! After having my beautiful son 5 years ago I focused on being the best Mum I could be and I guess putting my needs aside to be able to be who I wanted to be for him.

I became very lazy, and never wanted to move off the couch. My son and Husband asked if I wanted to go for a walk one day, I refused because the couch was my safe spot. When they came home they told me about all the fun they had and it made me realise I am missing out on exciting memories with my loved ones because I was “lazy”- that has definitely changed now. Now; I am the one encouraging us to go on adventures and walks- I can’t believe it lol.

I found out about the Lady Shake on Facebook and saw everyone’s incredible journeys, the good, and the struggles. I decided I wanted to give it a try as everyone on the Facebook page was actually open and honest and I love that.

I had previously tried so many different ways to “better myself” but I would always fall back into the same trap of “I had a crap day, might as well end it with some takeaway”. That was a cycle for a very long time. Once I took the opportunity to try the Lady Shake, I had so much energy and felt full and happy, I didn’t crave all the nasties that were surrounding me, but yes I do treat myself still with take out and I don’t feel guilt and that’s okay!

The biggest roadblock for me was actually starting! I feel that is the hardest part, putting into action what you have been putting off for so long. Once I started I felt better and confidant. I like exercising now, and always find some time in my day to try and do some form of it.

The biggest difference is wanting to enjoy life now, not waste it by sitting on the couch. I have been able to take on more of the housework which I kind of like doing now, and again spending quality time with the family and not feeling down all the time. I have the most loving Husband and his encouragement has been a huge help, he loves me no matter what I looked like and wanted me to be happy. He is so proud of how far I’ve come and is loving seeing a constant smile on my face.

I have so much more energy to keep up with my active little boy and we have made so many more memories because of this. It’s honestly the best thing being able to keep up with your child or even some days have more energy than him lol.

Don’t let the naysayers say you can’t do it because you can! You are worth it and a little bit of encouragement doesn’t go astray to yourself. The Lady Shake isn’t just a meal replacement it’s a kick start in a direction you have been putting off for so long! You have got this and you are worth it