I got myself into a really bad place. I lost my mum, my mother in law, my grandparents and my aunty within 5 years. My husband lost his job, we nearly lost our house and he then nearly took his life. My diabetes and blood pressure continued to get worse, medication kept increasing. I was so scared of blood test results, I just didn’t get them done.
One year ago this week, my husband and I decided that we had had enough of waiting for life to get better for us.  I was discussing weight loss surgery with friends, who were on shakes in lead up to their surgery. We tried the shakes they were having and were not fans at all. But we liked the concept. My husband actually found The Man Shake and we decided we could do it together with Lady and Man Shakes.
We bought our first pack of Lady and Man Shakes. We followed it diligently, even over Christmas. It has been the most successful program I have ever done (and I have done them all, trust me). The weight loss has not been rapid, but I think that’s why it’s been successful. I now only have one shake a day, for breakfast. The rest of my day is just balancing my meals. I know most people don’t like calorie counting, but it has taught my husband and me so much about food and our reasons for failing previously. I honestly believe it’s because this program allows you to still love food. It doesn’t victimise eating. I still cook, I spend a lot of time thinking about and experimenting with different foods. I love making the healthiest food still be delicious (hidden veggies, herbs and spices are my speciality).
I have lost 32kg (hubby has lost 35kg). I have my blood sugar and blood pressure under control to the point my medication is being reduced. My last blood test came back as ‘all normal’. Those two words rocked my world. Last night we went out to dinner to celebrate our ‘one year’. My husband bought me a dress to celebrate, from one of my dream ‘rockabilly’ retailers. I never thought it would fit, or that I would have the confidence to wear a form fitting dress. We laughed, we smiled, we had a good night. It’s unbelievable the impact this has had on us physically, mentally and spiritually.
Bottom line is, I am not at my goal weight, nowhere near it actually. I am not losing huge numbers, but still losing. It’s just worthwhile to stop and celebrate how far you have come. If we can pull ourselves out of the awful hole we were in, anyone can do it. Just treat yourselves well!
I have lived a life trapped in a ‘diet culture’ world. I have seen dieticians, have tried Atkins and low carb diets, have been on Lite n Easy and have written low calorie meal plans using various methods like CSIRO and DASH. I could never keep it going for more than 6 months. But here I am, a year later and because of Lady Shake, I have broken through my bad patterns, for life. I am a changed person.
Favourite Flavour? I like to keep it simple. I have my Coffee Shake, with a scoop of Super Greens. I blend it with ice and it literally feels like I am having a Mocha Frappe!
What would I say to motivate? Trust the Lady Shake program the way it is written, it is done by professionals. Under-eating won’t help at all, nor will cutting out all food groups. I still eat sugar, carbs, fats- just correctly and in moderation. I have small meals more frequently and allow myself a cheat meal with no guilt. Doing it together with my husband has made all the difference and he often says that I make healthy food delicious, so he doesn’t even feel like he is dieting. Food doesn’t have to be your enemy!

Thank you again for everything you have done for me. I tell everyone I can about Lady and Manshake.

I am a high school teacher and it has been an epic journey making it to the end of the school year. I don’t think I physically would have made it this time last year! So another round of thanks goes to Lady Shake! I wish you all a life changing journey as well.