The Hidden Calories in Your Booze!

When it comes to alcohol, we seem to forget the hidden calories because we’re consuming a liquid. Unlike companies that make food, brewers, distillers, and winemakers aren’t required to disclose calories and ingredients on their cans and bottles. Which leads to very few people having any idea what’s in their booze.

We have broken down the sneaky calorie intake of your fav beverages:


There are light beers, and they are light, as they say. Most 12-ounce bottles of light beer have around 104 calories. Budweiser Select 55 comes in the lowest at 55 calories. Belgian beers & dark beers that are around 7 to 10 percent alcohol start getting into 200-300 calories. Around the same amount as McDonald’s chips!

Mixed Drinks

Mixed drinks are where you need to be wary. A Margarita alone has 455 calories, which is more calories than a McDonalds Quarter Pounder!

The problem with mixed drinks is they are loaded with as much energy as many solid foods but don’t fill you in the same way. Sticking to Vodka Soda will keep the calorie count down, at a low of 64 calories a standard drink, while your Vodka Red Bull could cost you 250 calories. Don’t let a double black fool you either, they are up there with 230 calories per bottle.


Most standard glasses of red or white wine have around 150 calories.

Sweeter wines like Moscato, have become more popular in recent years.  These are slightly higher in calories and have more sugar than your dryer wine. The higher the alcohol percentage in the wine, the higher the calories. Looking to lose the calories? Stay away from the Cab Savs!


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