Almost all women have tried a ‘diet’ in the past, some succeed while others end up giving in after 24 hours. But why do some diets work while others leave you feeling flat and tired?

Nearly always it’s to do with why you started in the first place. If you don’t have a strong goal for why you started it’s much harder to stick to. So how do you set goals to actually lose weight?

Here are some key’s to success:

1) Be clear and specific about your goals. Know what you want to achieve and why. The more your goal means to you the easier it is to stick to.

2) Tell people about what you are doing and why. Find friends or family members that will support you through your weight loss journey. You may even find they want to do it with you!

3) Make your goals small and achievable.

Watch as Belinda explains why goal setting is so important.