The One Thing to Blame On Your Weight Fluctuating

You’ve heard it before and it can be frustrating but water retention is a major cause of weight loss frustration and it can make you feel like you are getting no-where. This occurs when extra water hangs around the tissues between your cells. Below is a few reasons you might be retaining more water which is causing the fluctuations on the scales


Carbohydrates and Salt

Now having one cheat meal on the weekend isn’t going to be detrimental to your overall weight loss attempts, if anything we recommend it to keep your metabolism ticking. However, it is not unusual to find the scales have increased the next morning after a salty meal rich of carbs. However, the extra kilos on the scale the next day is not fat, rather once again water. Water clings to salt and carbs therefore it is common after a bowl of pasta to see an increase in the scales the next day. Don’t stress as this should subside.



It might seem as women that we like to blame our hormones. However, most women retain more water at certain points in their cycle. In general, 92% of women experience some water retention in the week before their period starts. Pregnancy and hormonal birth control can also affect water retention. Most premenopausal women will naturally fluctuate several kilos up and down over the course of a month regardless of how much fat tissue they’re carrying.

What are we taking from this?  As females we cannot compare ourselves to males in terms of weight loss. Stop looking at your husband’s scales as men have a higher muscle mass so they lose weight quicker than females. And secondly buy a measuring tape! Try to focus on your measurement of your waist rather than the scales; do your close feel looser? This is a good indication

Water weight can hide your weight loss in the short term but that doesn’t mean you have stalled. You won’t remember that 1 extra kilo on the scales in 6 months time, so keep doing what you are doing and don’t give up.


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