Knowing what to eat and what not to eat can be the difference between losing weight or packing on a couple of kilos.

So we’ve compiled eleven foods that you should stay away from if you want to lose weight!



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Processed Meats

Processed meats like bacon and sausage have come under fire recently for their link to cancer, diabetes and hypertension. Not only this, but research has shown that a regular intake of these meats has been linked to excessive weight gain.

Steer clear of the processed meats and opt for grass-fed beef instead.




Sugar-Sweetened Drinks

Soft drinks are filled with high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) which is just as bad for weight loss as normal table sugar. Studies have been performed on rats, where 100% of the rats who consumed HFCS gained weight.

In the same study, rats that were given other forms of sugar gained less weight than the rats who were fed HFCS, despite their calorie intakes being the same!




White Bread

White bread is certainly food you will want to avoid if you want to lose weight. The processed flour and additives in white bread can contribute to obesity and heart disease.

There are plenty of creative, healthy and tasty swaps you can make to lower your white bread intake. For example, you can use leafy greens as wraps!




Potato Chips

This is an obvious one, but one that needed to be included nonetheless.

Potato chips are criminally high in sodium and saturated fats, making the snack the most associated food with weight gain over a period of four years!





Pancakes are empty calories. The white flour, sugar and butter that make up the large portion of a pancake do not provide you with any sustainable nutrients and are a killer when it comes to weight gain.

Add in maple syrup, chocolate chips or cream and they are a big no-no if you want to shed some kilos.






Juice-based diets and cleanses are very popular due to the results people see in losing weight. However, these results are short term. What can follow from juice diets are nutrient deficiencies and the slowing down of your metabolism.

This means that the weight you shed, in the beginning, will likely creep back on as your body tries to adapt to your new diet.




Fried Chicken

As disappointing as it is to say, if you’re trying to lose weight then you might want to stay away from fried chicken.

Fried chicken contains compounds that cause inflammation, not to mention it is packed to the brim with unhealthy fats.




Dried Fruit

Often labelled as ‘healthy’ food, dried fruit is actually not as responsible as a snack as you would like it to be.

Due to the food being filled with sweeteners, the majority of dried fruits contain a whopping 16 grams of sugar per serve!





High in saturated fat, sodium, carbohydrates and of course calories, if eaten consistently, pizza is a big contributor to belly fat.

It’s not a secret that pizza isn’t too crash hot for your weight loss, with just one slice of Domino’s pizza containing roughly between 130 and 160 calories.




Energy Drinks

Energy drinks don’t have a good reputation and for good reason. They are packed with sugar and many harmful additives.

Not only this but they contain more caffeine than coffee!



Milk Chocolate

Whilst dark chocolate has a lot of benefits that help with losing weight, milk chocolate is high in calories and contains tonnes of sugar.

Studies have found that milk chocolate is linked to high energy density and with increases in weight gain, so keep it out of your pantry and off your mind.