We went away to the Kimberley’s and did a lot of exploring rock climbing and I struggled to keep up with my family. My boys are young and fit and started calling me ”˜’Ma” which is my mum of 80 years old. My weight had been creeping up and up and I always said life is good and I’m happy with the way I am. But enough is enough at 83.8 kilos. So I was scanning Facebook where I discovered The Lady Shake I did research and I liked how it was worded are you feeling sluggish, overweight, no time to exercise.

This was so me, so I started The Lady Shake in January 2017 and loved it. I never had breakfast in the mornings lived on coffee as a manager of a busy hairdressing salon and never had lunch or the girls would buy hot chips etc. As soon as I started I could feel the difference, I had energy, the body didn’t ache anymore and the clothes were fitting so much better.

Hubby even commented on how I was looking and he could tell I was feeling better. The girls at work are all on a health kick now and no more junk food in the salon, even my boys are telling people “my mum has lost weight”. So I am down to 73.2kg my goal is 68kg so with the help of The Lady Shake I am going to lose that last 5kgs and no going back or feeling sluggish.

I love wearing skinny clothes and looking good. Thank you the Lady Shake you have changed my life around.