Toni has lost 15 kilos with the Lady Shake and feels more energetic and outgoing.
This time last year, I was busy dropping hints to my hubby about where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner (somewhere that had a great dessert menu) while at the same time dreading the whole “finding a nice outfit to wear” dilemma. You know the one I’m talking about, the outfit that looks nice and makes you feel great…(Insert eye roll)

I was turning 43, My Mum had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was 155cms tall and I weighed almost 70kgs!
Nothing I had in my wardrobe fitted how I wanted it to. The mirrors in the fitting rooms at my favourite stores didn’t do me any favours. Nothing made me look how I wanted to feel.
I ended up wearing pull on jeans and a baggy shirt for my birthday and I had seconds on dessert. My usual everyday pieces that were comfy and reliable. You couldn’t see me underneath. I was hiding inside my baggy, elastic waisted outfits.

Fast forward another 7 months and I was now 75kgs. My Mum had gone through treatment and I was eating everything in sight.
Chocolate wasn’t a sometimes food, it had become an everyday food along with extra large portion sizes of everything and weekends were made for take-out. Food had become my emotional crutch.

Then IT happened…
I was sitting on my lounge knitting and my daughter walked into the room, looked over at me and in an off hand way said “you look like a budda sitting there, you know the ones you can rub on the belly”! She snapped a photo of me and sent it to me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was that really me? How had I let myself get like that?
The fat girl inside of me broke… Those few words my daughter had said devastated me.
Enough was enough!

The very next day, September 11th, I went down to coles and bought myself The Lady Shake. They had been popping up in my Facebook news feed for a few weeks and I thought to myself, What have you got to lose? Just do it!

That was 6 months ago, but it seems like a lifetime ago.

So much has changed since then.

My Mum is recovering but my Dad has found out his cancer has returned after being first diagnosed 4 years ago.

I’ve lost 15 kilos but that is just the start of the changes I have encountered on my Lady Shake Journey.

toni 2.png
I now walk every day. I bought myself a fitbit and joined a group of other Lady Shakers online, who also use their fitbit devices to achieve our walking goals. Walking is the only exercise I do, but I do a lot of it.

I’ve signed up to do this years Jetty to Jetty funrun in July at Redcliff… 10 kilometers!!
Never would I ever have though that a funrun is something I would even consider doing.

I’ve also joined my local “Parkrun”, a 5km timed run/walk every Saturday morning at our local park.

I have so much more energy, I sleep better, I’m more outgoing and I love to go clothes shopping again. 2 months into my Lady Shake journey, I went out and bought myself a goal outfit. A pair of overalls covered with Monster’s Inc Characters in the size I wanted to fit into! I hung them in my wardrobe where I could see them everyday.

unnamed (9).jpg
My whole mindset regarding food has changed.
I haven’t had a chocolate bar in 6 months! But I do have The Lady Bars. They are perfect for when i get that old familiar chocolate craving.

My favourite Lady Shake Flavour is Choc Mint but I think they are all pretty yummy. I make them up the night before in my shaker and transfer them to my stainless steel drink bottles. They are thick and creamy and delicious and oh so easy to have at work. No hassle and mess free.
Along with my Lady Bar afternoon snack and a healty low fat dinner, I know the fat girl inside me is gone for good.

Even with the ups and downs of my Dads treatments, the hospital visits and the long waits in cold waiting rooms, I know we’ll get through this and I can always rely on The Lady Shakes to keep me on track.

If someone out there was thinking of starting the shakes my advice would be – you too can take back your life. The Lady Shakes can help you. I know it seems impossible right now. That first step is always the hardest but just get up off the lounge, pull up your big girl pants and go get yourself some Lady Shakes, like I did. Don’t stress if you have a bad day… Strive for progress,  not perfection, follow the plan and before you know it, you will be a whole new you! If you falter , The Lady Shake Team is always there to help you out with great tips and delicious recipes.

A great big Thank You to The Lady Shakes for giving “Me” back to me.
This year, hubby and I have a whole new plan for my birthday thats coming up and it includes The Lady Shakes, a camping trip and a new bikini.