Top 5 Easy Meals to Cook

Healthy meals don’t have to be expensive or hard, in fact, they are easy!

If you don’t find something you enjoy here don’t worry, we have a massive library of quick and easy recipes on the Recipe tab of our website.

Here are 5 meals you can make that are quick, easy and, most importantly, tasty!

Salmon fillets with sweet chilli & steamed greens

This amazing recipe will work just as well for a fancy dinner party as it will as a quick week night meal.  Easy to prepare and tastes crazy good!



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The lady pizziola

Love pizza but worried about the carbs that come with it? All good, try The Lady Pizziola which is super high in protein, minus the carbs!


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Chicken stir-fry

This tasty and healthy chicken stir-fry recipe that will leave you satisfied and will be great the next day if you have any leftovers!


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Chicken burrito bowls with MKR’s Dan & Steph

A healthy taste of Mexico without the extra calories, this one is perfect for meal prep or a weeknight dinner!



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Stuffed Capsicums

Who loves tasty AND healthy??  Yes!  We do too.  Here’s one for the whole family!

(With an awesome 36.6g hit of protein in each serve)

Stuffed Capsicum


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