Tracey’s confidence skyrocketed after losing 21kg

“I returned to full-time eat the wrong foods at the wrong times and way too much eating late at night and the early hours of the morning.I did not think I looked too bad and did not really think about the impact on my health. Two years after I finished studying I was still eating the chips and chocolate at night and I had gone to size 16. Late October 2017 I decided I needed to do something as I became breathless when walking around and I felt lethargic and did not like the way I looked. I had seen Lady Shakes on facebook and decided to give them ago.

I started the shakes late October 2017 and by January I had lost 21 kilos.

I feel amazing now and feel so much more confident, I have more energy I enjoy clothes shopping and feel great when I go out. I was very strict when I started the shakes and have started being a bit easier on myself now, Monday to Friday I still have a shake for breakfast and lunch and a healthy dinner. I have found that I am making smarter food choices and have never been left hungry.

This journey has not been a diet it has been a lifestyle change and one that I will continue. My weight loss has slowed down now but my body shape continues to change and I am proud of the changes I have made. I am more conscious of what I cook for myself and my family but I will also have treats though in moderation. I have found with my improved eating patterns I can now indulge in a treat but I know when to stop.

I can no longer eat large amounts of food and if I do eat out and have an overly sweet dessert I do feel lethargic and this has demonstrated to me how sugars etc affect more than just your weight.

My advice to anyone starting lady shakes is be kind to yourself, this a lifestyle change it is not simply a diet and it takes time to make the changes to improve your health, do not give up if your weight plateaus just keep going and do not constantly weigh yourself and throw out the old clothes when they become too big, you do not need them just in case, you can do this.”