My name is Trish I’m 53 years old and from Maitland NSW.

So far I’ve lost 14.4 kgs and have 15 more to go.

I’ve always exercised and usually didn’t have too much trouble keeping the weight off. However, menopause kicked in and the weight just started to pile on so I needed something done.

I found out about The Lady Shake via Facebook. I was feeling really uncomfortable and with summer around the corner I had to do something, no one wants to carry around extra weight when it’s hot!

Since starting The Lady Shake I feel better and can see the results each week and that makes me feel great. Also, people are noticing the difference and the compliments are good too. It’s a great programme and shows the results fast.

I also found the ladies on the Facebook Community group “Lady Shake Ladies” were really good and supportive because there’s always someone to talk to that understands. Everyone needs support and it really does help. I think if you need to drop some weight this is the way to do it and I have been recommending it to my friends.


Trish B:A