Hi! My Name is Vicki and I am 60 years young and live in Swansea, NSW. I happy to say so far I have lost 6 kilos using The Lady Shake!

I am a huge NRL follower and found out about the Man Shake on the Footy show then saw the Lady Shake on Facebook.

I decided to give the Lady Shake a go because I am only 152cms and every gram counts when you have a small frame! And because of those few extra kilos, I was just feeling uncomfortable. So I decided to do something about it.

I have tried so many other protein diets and other weight loss other shakes without success. But with the Lady Shake, it was different. It was so convenient no mess.

My go-to flavours are coffee, chocolate & strawberry – I look forward to having these flavoured shakes! And now with the new Caramel – I don’t mind a caramel shake either.

The utilised Lady Shake weight loss program, provided with the Shake and now have adapted that to maintain my weight loss.

I am so thankful for the Lady Shake, I now feel so well and best of all I like how I look! I would definitely recommend the Shake to other Aussie ladies – I am always trying to get my work colleagues to try it!

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