I’m 28 years old from a county town in Victoria called Warracknabeal. I’ve lost 23.1kg since starting the shakes at the end of May 2021 (now September).

I have such a sweet tooth! I’ve always been drawn to eat calorie-dense foods and high sugar foods and can never seem to stop myself. I would very rarely exercise and I would think if I did exercise, I could reward myself with food. I had a very unhealthy relationship with food.

After my daughter was born and started becoming more mobile, I knew I needed to improve my health to be able to keep up with her and provide for her. I needed to do it for her and for myself to be able to enjoy her.

I have tried other shake diets and cutting all sugar and carbs and intense exercise regimes but it didn’t work for me. I saw ads for the Lady Shake on TV and Facebook and decide to give it a go.

Since losing the weight I am happier and have had more energy for myself and my daughter. Exercise became part of my routine and I enjoy it rather than it being a chore. I sleep better, my clothes fit better, I am happier and more confident and more focused.

The biggest challenge I had to overcome was my sweet tooth! The lady shakes allow me to still get that yummy fix and there are some great sweet treat recipes that help too! Getting results make me more focused too!

If you are thinking about starting I would say surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts and you can do this. Don’t compare yourself to others and celebrate every win!