Weight Loss Tips for New Mums

When you’re a parent your needs tend to come second and one of the first things to take a backseat is a consistent healthy diet.

For new mums, it can be hard to adjust to a new lifestyle with less free time and a lack of sleep which makes you feel more hungry. It’s not surprising that losing the weight you’ve put on can be seriously difficult to shed.

While you may not have the time or energy for a daily workout routine or the money to splurge on the best organic produce, there are still plenty of ways you can boost your weight loss.

So we’ve put together a list of the easiest and most effective things to integrate into your daily routine to help you lose weight!

Snack More

Eating small meals throughout the day keeps the metabolism burning efficiently and prevents excessive hunger. Many new mums are too busy to cook meals throughout the day and often skip breakfast or lunch all together. When the body is deprived of food for hours between meals, it starts conserving fuel and burning fewer calories to protect itself from starving. The Metabolism slows down and causes weight loss despite the reduced caloric intake. On top of this causing meals can cause blood sugar levels to drop which can produce food cravings. Blood sugar levels begin to drop within two hours of eating, so aim to eat small four meals a day and have some easy healthy snacks prepared.


Stop Eating Before Bed

Eating right before bed doesn’t give your body enough time to digest and our bodies prefer to be upright during digestion therefore it is recommended that your last bite of food should be three hours before bed. Late night snacking can also cause indigestion and inflammation of the gut which in turn contributes to your metabolism slowing down. So try to ignore the craving for a late night guilty pleasure and listen to your body.


Mind Your Plate

It’s not only what’s on your plate that matters. Research has shown that people tend to consume larger portions from big plates, which may lead to overeating. Thus, a smaller plate is an easy way to control portions.



Focus On Fibre

Adding high in fibre foods like fruits and vegetables, wholegrains and legumes to your diet can aid weightloss for new mums. Fibre naturally boosts the metabolism, it makes you feel fuller, on less food which also helps to reduce mindless snacking.



Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation leds to more than just sluggishness; it can increase feelings of hunger even when you’ve had enought to eat. The idea of getting enough sleep as a new mum might seem laughable but it can have a large impact on your weight loss as the quality and length of your sleep affects hormones that control feelings of fullness.



Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is commonly overlooked, especially for new mums who are preoccuiped getting the little ones fed. Skipping breakfast slows down the metabolism leading to weight gain. The Lady Shake is a great way for busy mums to get their daily vitamins in. The combination of fibre and protein within the shake keeps you feeling fuller for longer and the temptations to graze later in the day are minimised.

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Be Mindful

It takes 20 minutes for your brain to process that you are full so eating slow is imperative for weight loss. People often over eat because they are eating too quickly and their brain hasn’t registered they’ve eaten enough! Also be aware of the food you have in the house. Don’t keep sugary, trigerring foods in the pantry – if it’s not there you can’t eat it!


Squeeze in Fitness

Busy mums may not have the time to go to the gym or fit in an at home workout but there are still ways to fit in some cardio into your everyday schedule. Why not take the little one for a walk, a running stroller is a great way to get in some exercise while doing errands. Do some squats or lunges whilst holding youur baby around the house. No matter what kind of exercise you are doing, be realistic about your goals. Every small workout is one step closer to your goal so don’t find yourself giving up to early.



Stay Off The Scale

There are many hormonal changes that come with giving birth that cause emotions and weight to fluctuate, Getting worked up and stressed about the weight can be counterproductive for weight loss and prevent you from shedding off the baby weight. Stress can actually cause an increase in appetite and cause weight gain. Instead of overanalaysing the number on the scales try to use clothing as an indicator of your weight loss progress. The weight from pregnancy was not gained over night so you cannot expect to lose it overnight. Stay calm and focused on your goal and the progress will follow.


Be A Positive Role Model

If your own health isn’t a concern, use your child’s health as your motivator. A study published in the journal Obesity stated that the children of overweight and obese adults were more likely to gain weight in the first 24 months of birth. Children with obese parents are far more likely to be obese themselves. So the food you eat and lifestyle you live infront of your child will likely shape their bodies, choices and perception of life. So educate yourself on proper nutriton and set a healthy home environment for the kids.



Drink Water

Water plays a large role in nearly every bodily function and fills you up so you tend to eat less. Being dehydrated can also mimic hunger, so getting your daily water intake is vital for weight loss. On top of this getting enough water is especially important for breastfeeding mothers, as breast milk amount is directly linked to the amount of water you consume.  If your not a fan of regular water try adding some fruits or soda water.

Make A Plan

Say goodbye to your already established daily routine. Bringing home a baby means lots of changes to your ‘normal’ day-to-day. In order to adjust and regain order in your life, start by making a plan. Take the time to plan out what your going to eat. By writing an outline you are less likely to skip meals which can prevent low blood sugar which means your body won’t crave large amounts of sugar. Meal prepping for the week can also prevent mindlessly snack on refined carbs and sugary foods.