After a crazy year, everyone is setting their new years resolutions and wishing the rest of 2020 away. The problem is if you think a date change is going to magically fix all your problems, unfortunately you are mistaken.

If you try to be good, cut back on sugar, hit the gym, go for a walk at lunch every day, take up a new hobby, find a new job or play a new sport – resolutions are on the brain. The aim is to start small and straight away.

So the big question is do they really work? Well for most of us, they probably won’t. But don’t worry ladies – it’s not you – it’s science!

Here’s why we generally fail miserably at our New Year resolutions.

1. It’s someone else’s goal and not yours

Do you ACTUALLY want to cut out coffee or start going for more jogs around the block? Nope.

Maybe you’ve heard someone else is doing the same and so you’ve said, ‘Why not?’ The problem is if you’re not feeling it in your own gut and soul, starting fresh into early morning runs every Wednesday isn’t going to happen.

Stay true to how you can make YOUR life better. Everyone’s goals are different.

2. Timing is NOT everything

We get it, everyone is like this year I’m gonna do it! Or new year new me! But don’t put all of your hopes and dreams on Jan 1 or the “New Year” for you to magically change everything about you.

Just pick a day and start. One day at a time and go for it! If you have a setback for a day or weekend then just dust yourself off and hit reset.

The best way to think about it is you are trying to have a good day instead of a good year.

3. Motivation doesn’t exist

We always hear people saying, ‘After I do this, I’ll have the motivation to do that.’ Is motivation what we think it is? It’s likely the case we’re really just procrastinating because we know we’re about to do something we really don’t want to!

Sorry ladies, there’s no time for waiting about – dive right in NOW!

4. Even the sound of it is horrid

They call it a New Year’s resolution. Doesn’t that make you cringe?!

It has so many horrid connotations attached to it that hit on torture, deprivation, and tears. By all means, we need goals in life, but maybe just not New Year’s resolutions.

5. Go BIG or go home (just not in this case!)

Often our resolutions are very broad and large – hence why they fall by the wayside along with our self-will. When we tell ourselves ‘I’m going to eat better’ or ‘I’m going to exercise more,’ we’re usually not helping ourselves.

Instead, you really need to focus on specific goals and going and giving them 100%. Things like drink 2 litres of water a day, lose 10kg in a month, prepare my meals for next week. All these things add up to broader goals overall by breaking them down into smaller steps over time.