You Have Helped Make A Difference!

Thank you to everyone who buys the Lady Shake as not only are you helping yourself get healthier but you are also helping us raise much-needed funds to find a cure for brain cancer.

In the last 12 months, we have donated $250,000 to The Mark Hughes Foundation and our goal is to double that this year.

Every time you buy Lady Shake you are helping us to give back and find a cure for this terrible disease that receives minimal government funding!

Last year Mark and his team climbed the world’s highest mountain last year and raising a phenomenal $500,000 for brain cancer research and this year’s challenge will be no different.

On the 24th October Mark, Paul “The Chief” Harragon and 38 supporters have set themselves another ambitious challenge, the Borneo Coast to Coast challenge. They will be tackling some harsh environmental conditions as they follow in the footsteps of WWII Aussie POW’s on the Sandakan Death March, it’s going to be one of their toughest challenges yet.

I would also like to encourage other Corporations big or small to donate to this fantastic Charity. If a small business in Newcastle can do it I think anyone can, you don’t have to match us,  but any amount will help.

 ▪️ Donate here ▪️

So once again thank you for allowing us to make a real difference.


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