As we prepare to head into the Melbourne Cup tomorrow we thought it might be helpful to share some of our useful survival tips before the festivities get underway.

1. A big protein brekkie will be your best friend 

This cannot be overstated enough. Trust that we understand with all the excitement leading up to the races you might forget or even opt for a fast food option for breakfast, but let’s be clear, the chances of you being able to collect your bet winnings after the race on an empty stomach are slim. Start your morning off with a win; try a plate of eggs, a bowl of natural yogurt or better yet a quick and easy Lady Shake.

2. Balance the bubbly with some H20 

Don’t forget to hit the water cooler in between the bottles of bubbly. A good rule of thumb; every two alcoholic drinks should be followed by a big glass of water.  Pace yourself, give yourself the opportunity to rightfully boast in your glory after your horse wins.


3. Snack Right

Now that you’re well hydrated and midway through the excitement, you need to make sure you’re eating. Don’t have time for a full meal? Try and snack on some nuts but no more than a handful at a time to keep up your protein and energy.


4. The Hangover

Don’t let the fun and antics of Melbourne Cup carry on to the next day, while you might feel like some gready food to drown your sorrows try your hardest to reach for some nutritious food that is going to restore your energy and not leave you feel even worse than you already do. 


The day will be full of excitement no doubt, but don’t neglect the lifestyle or healthy changes you’ve made. It’s all about moderation. Good luck and we hope you back a winner!