Here are a few tips to help with your weight loss and that are easy to follow. If you are wanting to feel better,  healthier, and lose a few extra kilos, our Lady shake is the way to go!

Check out these 5 tips and don’t hesitate to write them down and use them whenever you need some sort of motivation!

  1. Snap yourself of a morning – This might sound a bit strange.. BUT studies have shown that women who keep photos of themselves while on a weight loss plan are more likely to finish the full plan. Rather than those who were camera shy. You don’t need to share it with anyone but having it to keep will make you more motivated when you reach your goal weight! 🙂
  2. Keep a food diary! We’ve specified this before but keeping track of what you are eating helps you not over eat or under eat. Lucky for you our Lady Shake provides a meal plan for you to tick off as you go and keep healthy!
  3. Don’t eat junk food when you are sad. Feeling emotional? Don’t we all every now and then! BUT one way to avoid emotional eating is to remember that eventually in the next hour or so that feeling will fade. But the block of chocolate you just consumed won’t! Control your emotions and use those feelings by venting to a friend or going for a big walk. 🙂
  4. Make your diet fun! Vegetables and salad aren’t boring if you use them to your advantage! Filling up your plate with colourful veggies/salads. Add some lean protein will not only taste amazing but look great and have you excited for every healthy meal!
  5. Reduce your pantry options! Out of sight out of mind right? Yep, that’s right! The less you buy of junk food, the less you see it and the less you eat it. That’s not to say don’t have a cheat day, but limit your options and you will graze less 🙂