100g raw chicken breast
1 tbsp. coconut flour
1 egg
cos lettuce leaves
1 slice low carb bread
1 tbsp. parmesan
20g dijonnaise 

To poach your egg, bring a small saucepan with water (enough to cover the egg) to the boil with 1 tbsp. vinegar. Once it reaches boiling point, turn the heat off, crack your egg in and let cook for 5 minutes for a semi soft yolk, 8 minutes for a hard yolk.
Cut the chicken up into cubes and toss in the coconut flour.
Heat a non stick fry pan and add the chicken. Allow to cook until crispy. Set aside.
Slice your lettuce and place in a bowl.
Toast your bread. Once toasted, cut into small cubes.
Top your lettuce with the chicken, parmesan, poached egg and sauce.

Serves 1 – 308 calories / 10.7g fat / 16.7g carbohydrates / 34.6g protein